Drugs have conquered the minds and bodies of so many young people today, destroying their academics, careers, relationships and life that we knew, it s time to strive against it and help the youth live a real life.
We often wonder how it starts in the first place, maybe it starts, when meeting new people or to be part of a culture around the young crowds of today or at a party with casual abuse gradually becoming a stress buster. This leads to the vicious circle of complete dependency called addiction. The important thought here is when the casual abuse begins is any individual voluntarily choosing addiction? Probably not! The issue here is the complete ignorance of the seriousness of the situation one is about to enter into.
We at AAYOM Welfare Society are trying to make an effort to increase the awareness towards drug abuse among the youth so that at vulnerable moments or when under peer or other pressures they are able to make a more informed choice about the course of their life.