My work has been into focusing both areas from developing the youth of India to craving the future leaders of India. I have been into training and development modules for Corporates involving various kinds of skill sets that add up to an individual’s credentials. It provides them an edge over the market competition. Whereas for the Welfare Society, I look into different techniques of nurturing and educating the tender minds of the children and students in such a fashion that they can attain and adapt the learning’s with a calm mind so that the knowledge attained with the peace can be adhered experienced. Inner awareness, social awareness and environmental awareness are issues close to my heart. I try to remain connected with and close to the nature and live life as an instrument to manifest peace, harmony and happiness. Hence, that helped lay the foundation of AAYOM Welfare Society which is involved in all sorts of activities which would help in promoting the needy from the suburbs to reach to a place where in they can be a part of the competitive world and can add to the society and Nation.

After having invested good 18 years into teaching and educational consulting and being a founder and director of a well renowned company which is a part of the corporate world, I had dedicated myself to serve towards the noble cause for the welfare of people by all possible ways focusing majorly on Children and Corporates by encouraging them and providing them with various training and development programmes which would help them grow and analyze eventually.