I am a graduate from Kanpur University and did my Masters from Delhi. I have over 10 years of rich & extensive experience in Training & Development, Strategy Planning, New Systems Implementation, Business Initiation & acquisition, Retail Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Consulting, Career Counseling, Head-hunting, Business Development & Recruitment, Client Relationship, Account Management and Team Management. I have conducted several workshops on stress management and personality enhancement for high school children and senior level corporate executives. I had even worked with companies of the likes of Standard Chartered, Aviva, Bajaj, IBM, US Tech to name a few. I am currently heading the business a corporate house which is into corporate consulting and is an IT services company.
Fortunately, in my life I have been through many struggles which help me achieve a greater understanding of the struggles the young kids go through. I recently experienced many ups and downs during my teenage years and I am very aware of the stresses that surround the youth of today. Things have been rapidly changing in the past decade, more so in both rural and urban India and having been well connected to both the faces of it, I have great affiliation towards the work this organization aims to do.
I serve as a resource person for various NGO’s based in India & Abroad, conduct training programs on motivation, conflict management, value for others, etc and have done some interesting research and writing.
I am certain I will be able to create a positive difference in the lives of our young adults and also offer support to parents who at times may not be able to cope up with the pressures of today’s lives.