I attained my Masters from the University of Allahabad in 1972. Being a part of a well rewound family and a well rewound personality holding a good social status, having being into public welfare for years along with having more than 40 years of rich experience of Mechanical (Automobile) consulting and being a part of few of the educational institutions along with being the founder and director of a well rewound company of the corporate world, I had decided to devote myself solely for the upbringing of the society by adding values to it and rendering a helping and supporting hand to the needy and poor.
Over a period of time, I had realized that the things have been rapidly changing in the past decade, urging for the help and support to the sector and segment which actually is the major chunk of the population. Therefore we decided and laid down the foundation of AAYOM Welfare Society as a platform and a tool to give something addition to the society adding value to the Nation.