AAYOM started with the aim to help & was blessed with the on growing chain of joining hands of the volunteers who are ready to help with their services where ever required & who too believe in the motto of AAYOM “Touching The Future” by “Building Up Better Today Leading To The Best Of Tomorrow”.
We are only a small group of helping hands among the 1.5 million NGOs working in India that includes of various nonprofit, voluntary groups organized on a local, national, or international level. Most NGOs in India are small and dependent on volunteers. According to a survey conducted by Society for “PRIA” (Participatory Research in Asia), 73.4% of NGOs have one or no paid staff with them. Facts state that across the country, more than 19 million people are associated with the NGOs. The PRIA survey also reveals that 26.5% of NGOs are engaged in religious activities, while 21.3% work in the area of community’s social requirements, while 17.9% are active in the fields of sports and culture. Only 6.6% work in the health sector.
The facts make us re-think & plan on putting in more efforts towards the health sector which is much required in a country like India; where natural calamities & man created wars are a part of day to day life.